If a myTake isn't promoted within 24 hours, is it guaranteed to stay that way?

I know I've complained quite a bit about this. I just wish they could tell us what the specific criteria is because I feel like I post nice-looking and interesting myTakes and still some of them don't get promoted. However, I remember my last one took 2 days to get promoted.

So I am just wondering if 24 hours isn't the upper limit, and what is? It just sucks sitting in the dark with what you think was a great myTake, and not knowing whether it's going to get promoted or not. The other thing that is bizarre is some of the worst myTakes even get featured. So again, it's not clear how GAG is choosing what myTakes to promote.


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  • no bro...

    i had 2 MyTakes of mine being promoted within 48-72 hrs after being posted... i was surprised as well... tbh i thought they'll never do...

    just give it some time... like a full week or so... if a full week has passed and it hasn't been promoted... then i guess u can tell it's guaranteed to stay dat way... :)

    • You're right. My myTake just got promoted after almost 3 days.

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    • It actually is getting featured too.

    • i've got 4 MyTakes featured and still not an editor... :(

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  • No idea tho, the longest time a take of mine took to be promoted was 8 hours. Then again, I never bother about all these stuffs cause honestly, I don't even know if what I write is 'qualified' to be promoted lol I just write what I like.

    • I found out the answer is "no". They can take up to a week to get promoted. Mine got promoted and then featured after 3 days.

    • Oh fuck.. I didn't realized this question was over three weeks ago 😓

      Anyways, thank you. (: Mine usually get promoted and featured almost immediately.. the fastest I recalled was 30 mins and longest was 8 hours lol. I was even surprised that those can be promoted 🙈

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  • I can only go by my personal expierence - My takes were promoted within 24 hours - If you want you can message admin to discuss it

    • Like it's been over 24 hours since I wrote this. What would explain this not being promoted yet?


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    • I can't see any reason why it hasn't being promoted.

    • Exactly, this has happened quite a few times. That's why I keep asking GAG, "What's your specific criteria?" because this just doesn't make sense. I see myTakes with shitty grammar and spelling, which all they contain is a picture and a vague paragraph, getting promoted. And then you put a lot of time and effort into writing a neat and nice-looking one with interesting information, and that doesn't get promoted.