Why can't I disavow a question in a previous account?

Seems like I'm in the hands of fate!


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  • You just can't. You can't access an old account.

    • The question is still up there for all to see. I feel so embarrased. I need to disavow it, just as I could in my current account.

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    • Is it reportable? That's the only way it will go is if it breaks a rule and can be taken down.

    • Thanks for the mho :)

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  • What does it matter? Whatever that question is, it's being slowly buried away on this site just like all of the others. Nobody will ever know about it, dude.

    • It's easily found! At the time it was innocent, but now it has become a hugely embarrasing. I can't say why.

    • Well I have no idea what it might be and even if it is found, you said it's on an old profile - so it matters even less.

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  • Once you deactivate you forfeit control of your account.