Fellow mods, do you also have the impression that you start hiding more questions and fewer opinions?

I have my tricks to find judgmental or offensive opinions or comments... just running through the questions and judge which ones were likely to attract them!
Anything about religions, race, or "delicate" properties of a person would get "shoot with sharp" opinions.

Each week I'd find 2 or 3 opinions attacking either black people, or homosexuals, muslims, jews,... and hide them immediately.
One or another way, recently my moderation turned to 80 to 90% questions. Rarely an opinion and I think the reason is the number of questions likely to trigger "wrong" opinions has decreased.

Interested to hear your opinions :D

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think unless the question is blatantly racist or something it should be allowed to be asked. For example I'm Christian but I don't have issue with atheists asking questions that disagree with my opinion so long as it isn't something like "ll christians should die" or something like that. If this website gets too much censorship it will lose it's appeal and value fast. Its better just to remove the offensive comments in my opinion.

    • Yeah I agree with you... when I hesitate to hide a post and all in all it's relatively harmless I'll probably leave it alone :D
      Now I'm gonna start searching for the posts of guys & girls who pointed there guns at the weak 8) 8)

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    • Thanks for mh my darling HansπŸ’™ the look was just temporary.

    • Haha the "asker upvote" is for the look as well :D :D
      Consider it for special occasions, it's really nice!

Most Helpful Guy

  • It is other way around for me because the quantity of mods has been considerably increased and questions can easily be seen in the site feed (while in case of opinions and comments, you need to open each thread) so other mods can see them easily as compared to opinions/comments.

    Being a senior moderator, I've better understanding of what should be hidden. I spend my time scrutinizing opinions and comments and surprisingly, I find a lot of negative posts 'on which' a lot of mod have already submitted their opinions on. It means that newly selected mods don't have that better understanding or knowledge.

    I'm not that active as I used to be so, it's difficult for me to find questions in an instant.


    • Haha I must admit that if I doubt about hiding a question or not, and other mods have answered it, I generally leave it alone except if it's very bad :o
      Otherwise it's a if you're making the statement that these people don't know what to moderate or not... and that's something I'd never do :D

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    • That statement on the nr of mods is really true I guess... I really need to do lots of effort to stay above my 10 posts per month to hide :o

    • Sure! Best of luck!

      Thanks for MHO :)

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What Girls Said 6

  • I don't know I feel like it's about 50/50. Like, I usually browse from Most Recent so I catch a lot of questions. I also follow questions that are likely to have offensive posts and people who have a tendency to misbehave so I pick up comments that way. Plus there's just the random things you come across and what people link and tag you to.

    There is a lot less for us then there used to be though. When I started there were like 30 mods. Now there's like 70.

    • Yeah I really have to search for my 10 to 20 posts per month. But do my best :D
      Following the bad guys is not something I thought about! I generally follow the sweethearts :D

    • See! You're too nice for your own good ;D

  • well i can't hide questions but i find more opinions or comments worth hiding.
    there are some questions which are quite ridiculous though.

    • Do you have a technique to look for those opinions? Or do you just wait until one pops up in front of you?

    • im not that mod who sits there looking for stuff lol. if i find something, then i deal with it. if not, there's like a gazillion other mods that would probably take care of it.

    • I see! I'm trying to stay above my minimum of 10 posts a month, and sometimes I look around a little.
      Not just for stuff to hide, I also answer some of the questions I encounter :D

  • I can only hide opinions or opinion comments. But even before I was a mod, I usually only report questions because I'm one hella lazy fellow to go through opinions or comments to see if its worth reporting. I can find at least 3-5 questions to report each day lol (I'm basically on here all day whole weekends so yeahh)

  • I've basically been informed I'm not doing enough and that's because I can never find anything removable. I don't know how you guys are finding things to remove.

  • Im sure they do, but who knows anymore...

  • I don't even report as much as I used to, but now only questions

    • I think I'm roughly between 15 to 20 posts a month, and what you say seems to confirm my impression :D
      Looks like we've freaked out the freaks hahaha 8) 8)

What Guys Said 4

  • I think the number of opinions that need hiding has gone down. I think there is less offensive opinions on here at the moment so I think I will find myself hiding more questions as a result of this. I always stop and think before hiding something rather than go at it like a bull at a gate.

    • Yeah me too, if it's not really an issue I'll generally let it be...

  • I am an ex mod (resigned) but I agree with your theory but then again I think people usage style has changed- I no longer go near feeds, I just basically staying in topics I like Fashion & Style, GaG Community, How Do I Look and Other - When I was a mod (early summer) I reported/hid 1 or 2 things a day now I report a couple of times a week on as you say mainly questions.

    • Yeah the poll confirms most of us have the the same impression :D

  • I dunno I can only hide opinions but don't hide just about anything remotely offensive. I try do combat only THE most hostile and nonsensical opinions.

    • By the way: you cannot hide a question but you can still report it for the same reason you'd hide it for :D
      And if you report "the right questions" this may be a reason for making you supermod... than you can hide questions.

  • damn you mods have nothing better to do...

    i mean i doubt you even "hide" questions that are about insulting aliens...

    • and no one attacking Caucasians but me?

      Caucasians are untouchable...

    • Hahaha if I find a question that's offensive against aliens I promise to take action mate :D
      ET and you will be grateful!

    • I appreicate it