Is there a way to move my Amazon gift card to another email account?

So I have multiple emails one for school, one for friends and work, and the personal one that I use for websites like this. I have an amazon account with one of my other emails that is part of amazon prime. I was wondering if it's possible to move my giftcard I got from here to that account because I'd have to make an amazon account with this email and I'd miss out on some other % off because it wouldn't be Prime. Is it possible or will I just need to make an amazon account for this email I use on this site? I understand if I can't transfer because some people make multiple GAG accounts just to get free stuff.


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  • We send the Amazon cards to the email you used to sign up. So if you want to receive cards on a different email, you will need to change your email on this site. You can do that by:

    1. Sign into your account.
    2. Go to Settings from the member drop down menu, top right.
    3. Under Login Settings, type in your new email address (be sure you type it in correctly - this is what you will use to login).
    4. Click Save.

    • I already requested the amazon card and got an email for it. I haven't hit confirm on it yet but is it too late to move that card over?

    • If you've already been sent the code, then yes.

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