Why does gag have a "no mho" option?

I'll ask questions and sometimes all the opinions will be shifty and have no detail
be off topic antagonistic or spam.

Yahoo answers has had a no best answer option.

Sometimes no one deserves mho.

When I ask questions that don't have a mho I think deserves I don't give mho until months from the question if I want points but other than that I don't give mho unless I see a compelling answer

*how come gag does not have a "no mho" option?


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  • I agree with R3d_ you could make a recommendation for the Admins to see
    they actually listen to/look over site recommendations.

    I agree, that the opinion posts available may not always be up to par
    and as such, being forced into an odd MHO pick, is.. unwanted.

    But I could also see it from their view, because such a feature
    could get abused a lot, by people of ill will.


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  • Make a recommendation to the admins.


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