Are you this way too? Why am I this way? Are guys fine with touchy girls?

I don't understand why I push away guys that are sweet to me, but guys that act like a ass or a jerk or if they have lots of girls that want to date him I want him more. I'm also a very physical person. If I like a guy I'm very touchy. I feel bad for the future guys that have to deal with me. I don't know I just like guys attention, there smell, and how they feel and it helps me know that they like me it's like a reminder.


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  • You may like guys with a bad boy image. You need to like the guys who
    are sweet to you and not the jerks you will try getting what they want and
    walk out of your life. Your like my cousin, she likes guys who have a bad
    boy image and they say you outgrow it but she's age 29 but this new guy
    treats her and her kids good and he has a job ,


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  • Because you're 15. Everyone goes through this phase. You'll grow out of it lol


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  • Basic girl feelings to like the guy who is "Desired"
    Poor sweet dudes lol!
    just try and find a guy who is an in between of sweet and jerky!
    He will be jerky to the world yet sweet to you!

    Good luck


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