Pls read descpition box belowwwww... ?

so, last week i was elected class president, and some of the cantidates (girls) were a bit angry/envious when they announced my name, and since 2 weeks ago, soooo much has happened. on my facebook- i've been tagged "In A Relationship with. . ." and I did not post it, but i have let people use my phone to call and send a snapchat to their friend on my phone while at school. I've had a couple of my friend look my profile up, and no life event comes up that says "in a relaionship with..."
I just don't want to have to deal with drama and evrybody's bs anymore, but i have a couple of more years of high school bs...
we have hoco this week, and i realy am doubting if im going to go. im not going to ditch, bc my friends and i have plans for next weeekend- that involve our homecming dance.
im just rlly pised off rn bc i don't know if this guy thinks that ima creep or what- and mpostly all the bitvhy preps and those people keep saying that im not even popular, and they hace no fu8cking idea how i bbeat them for president.
idefk what category 2 put this in. girl's behavior, or gag comm
on top of that- i've just had a really shit day.
- a freshman that doesn't have her shit together and really wants to go to a different school


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  • I'm sorry you had a bad day