Should these kind of opinions be reported for SPAMMING?

Let's say somebody answers a question where somebody asked for help with
"I don't know, talk to her.

Check out my question: [link to question]".

I have seen this quite a few times on here..
In my opinion it should be reported because first of all, the one sentence opinion isn't helpful at all and also because that person was obviously promoting their question

what do you think?


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  • I can understand what you are saying but also i have seen some people saying "i am here to see answers" or another nonsense opinion i think they did not understand terms and policies of this website.


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  • Yes, you can report those types of responses as spam. If someone says anything like "answer my question *inserts link to question here*" then that could be considered spamming and we would remove it.

    • Lol.. I see these a lot and I didn't know they can be removed..

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    • @Asker Thanks for MH :)

      @Saydou Yes, users can redeem Xper points to have their questions featured on the site for 24 hours :)

    • Got it, thanks

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  • I know exactly who you are talking about (future wife mateiral - 15 yo female). She was doing my head in.


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  • They are annoying AF.. I have seen them a lot.. they do that everywhere..

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