How to write a good mytake when you have ADHD/ADD?

I suck majorly at writing mytakes. I can't keep my thoughts straight enough to get my point across. Which I've thought about writing one about having adhd just I don't know how to describe it all to make enough sense. Do y'all have any tips on what I can try to do to get better at it and be more clear about what I want to say?

The only serious mytake i've ever written was about my long distance relationship and how to survive them. Just trying to think of all I wanted to say it took me almost 2 hours just to write it. XD


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  • Write it out on paper beforehand so you have a guide. Approach it like an essay.
    (1) Pick a topic (which you have)
    (2) On a lose page write down thoughts you want to get across
    (3) Order your take into introduction, point A, point B, point C, point D and conclusion.
    (4) Develop points in your head and pick a quote or image to illustrate each point.
    (5) Write it longhand on paper
    (6) Type it up
    (7) Check it and submit
    (8) If you want have a look at My takes I wrote in my profile using that process as an example of what I am suggesting.


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  • I can relate. I'd like to read the take when you're done.


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