Hard to get help around here?

Im having a really hard time getting help around here.


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  • ask a question bro

    • I did ask severel questions here at gag but i have not gotten answears on them.

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  • what do you need?

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    • There are some spaces and in front of 'com you have to put the dot. I'm not level 2 to send links :(

    • @rightHelmet01
      I read it. I don't know enough about her to come up with some guess as to what she is thinking. In general, I would just recommend asking her out. The worst that could happen is she says no. It's probably important to note that she's likely just as uncertain about you as you are of her, though.

  • What kind of help you need? want to discuss? please share

    • I need help with severel questions I've asked here.

    • well.. with your profile set to private, we can't see your questions really. if u dotn mind u can share it with me.

    • I've changed it now. So check it out.

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