Feelings on... PUBERTY?

who here likes or liked their experience with puberty? What did u first notice when u started and did u like that? If ur a girl, did u buy a bra when u hit puberty and boys did u get voice cracks? This is just to let our ur emotions with puberty, as I am just entering it and grow to hate it๐Ÿ˜‚ I hate growing boobs and don't want my period!!!


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  • The only thing I liked about puberty was discovering masturbation


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  • I was pumped. I first noticed body hair and acne though which sucked. I was pumped about boobs. I was also really excited for my period until it happened


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  • when i reached puberty , my voice started to sound like Morgan freeman, initially i freaked out but later it was cool as i get to narrate stuff for girls


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