Why do some users think they are better than others just because they have a higher mho percentage?

This guy on my question told me since he has 30% mho because he tells it like it is
that was his argument for insulting me on his answer for no reason at all
he seemed to act like he had a right to say anything just because he had a higher mho than me


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  • MHO% sucks big.

    You will easily get MHOs if :-
    ●You are friend of the asker.
    ●You're good looking.
    ●You are validating the asker's statements.
    ●You're lone answerer of the gender.
    ●Your xper level and MHO% is higher so that automatic system will select your post and you're generally more recognised.

    The MHO system is substandard and desultory. If a person is bragging about this amorphous and vague credential, he/she should better realise what he/she is in real life. They are just lost in their delusions.


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  • TBH I think it was rude what that guy did to you. No one should be made fun of in a response to a question they have. The reason people ask questions on here is to get help. Sometimes there are questions that are more for fun.

    Perhaps this guy is just insecure because he isn't respected in the real world and feels this is the only place he can get that respect?


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  • I believe some of these people have multiple accounts and are padding their numbers. No one that insults people could have that score.

    • Usually if they have a multiple account it's because they use a different IP address
      Gag will ban users who have a multiple account but yes I believe that they most likely have a multiple account

    • *have multiple accounts

    • It so easy to get around that with proxy servers, or using your wireless phone.

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  • Lol I don't know. I don't even notice that