Why don't moderators consider past judgements when deciding to remove a question?

A couple months ago I'd had a question, with links to sexinfo101, temporarilly censored by moderators and then later reinstated by admins. Today I had (a completely different) question with links to sexinfo100 (that were less graphic if anything) removed by a moderator. I'm assuming it will be reinstated as the last one was. Why don't moderators take that type of thing into consideration? (You may ask, how would they know? Well I told them in the question detail just in case, yet they went ahed and did it anyway.)

This is the question which had been removed and was the later deemed okay by the admins:

The question censored today had links to the cowgirl and inverted missionary positions instead. Why is that unacceptable if my earlier question is?

Any opinions on this?
Anyone else have a view on this?


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  • Well, for the most part we follow the guidelines that are laid out for us. They do change every now and then. And a big thing is the fact that we aren't notified when things go back up. We aren't aware of our progress or anything. So that's why certain types of questions get removed by us repeatedly and then put back up.

    • May i ask why a moderator removed my first question copy pasted it from a dating forum i used before being banned from there for alleged false advise.

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    • @123wo well I'm no longer a moderator anymore but you can feel free to contact one of the admins about it. @xHoneyxbeex

    • thank you

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  • They do that because kids use this site too


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  • A thing you may need to know is that mods are never informed of whether their reports were successful or not. If they report or hide something, it becomes a guessing game whether it gets banned or not.

    • Which is why I mentioned this in the question detail: "(Note to moderators: I have had a question temporarily removed for linking to sexinfo101 before, and then later reinstated by admins. Can you please just leave it up instead of focusing on your target.)" I guess I should have included the link for the other question too.

      I'm curious, can a moderator remove a question which has already been removed and reinstated?

    • A supermod may. I don't have that kind of power. I can hide only opinions.

    • The second question is now back up, though the moderator who hid it succeeded in preventing me getting any opinions. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1697561-girls-when-on-top-do-you-like-to-upright-or-collapsed-on-his-chest

      I even mentioned that I'd asked similarly graphic questions before which had been hidden and reinstated, I wish moderators would respect precedent.

  • I can only go with what I know and do, but I am certain that stuff gets removed for "Adult Content" if it is legitimately link to porn sites. However, considering it is quite obvious what your post is about, and it is in the sexual behavior topic, I guess if you don't directly link explicit images, you should be fine.