Can a moderator remove a question which has already been removed and reinstated?

Like this one:

had been weary of linking it in a question in case some over zealous moderator took it down again, but then I thought surely there would be a safe guard in place so that once a question is reinstated it can just be hidden again to be reviewed when that's already happened.

  • They can be hidden and reviewed multiple times.
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  • It's safe to refer to an old reinstated question without worrying about it being censored again.
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abundantlyrich so your initial 'answer' wasn't you answering my question but just you correcting my use of terminology? You could have made that a hell of a lot clearer in what you were saying.


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  • after an admin has reinstated a question, its untouchable by moderators

    • Are you sure?

      The question I linked in this question had been hidden and after admin review was reinstated, yet Applefan1 here says it still allows him the option to hide it.

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    • After admins approve a post, moderators cannot keep hiding it again :)

    • @xHoneyxBeex Thanks for confirming that.

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  • Don't repost or post something just so you can link to a previous post. They'll be flagged as spam or repetitive posts.

    You could avoid the whole dilemma by not linking to inappropriate sites and just letting people tell you. They're not stupid after all.

    • "Don't repost or post something just so you can link to a previous post."

      Why are you saying that? That's not why I asked this question, I put in the link as an example of what I meant, and so that a moderator could perhaps check if it would still allow them to hide it.

      "You could avoid the whole dilemma by not linking to inappropriate sites and just letting people tell you."

      The links aren't inappropriate though, the question was unhidden by admins after a moderator had hidden, therefore they are considered acceptable to include.

      Plenty of people aren't stupid but the links make it a lot simpler to convey exactly what I'm asking and to minimise confusion.

    • This is the question I had been wary about putting the link (to the question I linked to here) in:

      I had considered including a link to it with the note to moderators I put in, so that hopefully a moderator would look at the older question, respect precedent and not hide this one.

      Anyway someone decided to hide it and now it's back up, I just think there could be a set of questions which have been reinstated for mods to refer to when making their decision to hide a question.

  • Once an admin deems something ok, it's fine. It is not censorship, however, to have to abide by the rules you agreed to when you joined the site. If content is questionable, it gets reviewed. Not that hard a concept to understand, bro.

    • Being easy to understand doesn't mean the rationale is easy to accept.

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    • According to Watermelonoma, who has been a moderator far longer than Applefan, no, they can't.

    • I've seen that now and got my answer, that was all I wanted to know.

  • They have the power to hide the question and Admin has the power to delete it if they decide to.

    • This when that's already happened, and the admin has decide to reinstate the question (not delete it), moderators can still hide it again for the whole review process to happen all over again?

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    • REMOVE and HIDE are two DIFFERENT functions.

      Please refer to ADmin for further clarifcation.

    • There's nothing in that which I don't understand, what I don't understand is your initial answer, which states that they do have the power to hide it.

  • The moderators can hide the comment. Then the admins will review it and choose whether or not it is ok to be removed permanently or if it's not preaching any sort of code it will be u hidden and left untouched for everyone to view it.

    • I'm talking about questions, not comments, and specifically about questions which have already been hidden and then unhidden by the admins.

  • Yep they do it all the time

    • Are you sure? (Perhaps it's been changed at some stage.)

      See Watermelonoma's opinion.

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  • Moderators can not remove questions. Only Admins can. However, Super mods and urber mods can hide questions, it is then up to the Admin if they get removed or not.

    • Did you read my question?

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    • Good to know. I've had 5 or 6 question hidden since I've been using the site and most of them were put back up later, so it is annoying that some moderators just hide them without being sure.

    • Mods are people to. So you will naturally get differences of opinions on here but out of all the mods on here I would be willing to bet there are probably some that let their feelings cloud their judgment. I like to put my personal feelings aside and think "Does it really break the rules?". I remember before I was mod there was one or two mods that I did not like here.

  • I think they can be hidden by other moderators even after reinstation, although I am not sure. But if you have hidden it and it is reinstated, and you try to hide it again, then it says "You have already hidden this opinion!" or something of that sort.

  • Once the question is put back by the admins (aka the removal was rescinded), it can't be reported or removed by anyone, mods included.