Why do people click on the questions just to argue?

Almost on all of my questions someone argue's with me and most of them are in their 30's

so i ask a simple question like what is your favorite color (mine is red) they would comment
"Why do you like red that's the devils color"
and just something stupid like why do you do this?

I asked another question recently i asked
"What's your favorite zombie/horror tv show"
And some guy comments "Why watch something like this your brain isn't educated, watch shark tank something that's real" Or something like that this guy was in his 20's like really? You could have simply clicked out of the question but no you want to start an argument over a favorite horror show question?

Like really then have the nerve to call me uneducated like what's wrong with people?

If you don't like the question, simply dislike it and leave. you don't have to start an argument over a question it's really childish.. I'm going to say it one more time for the people who start arguments over the question.

If you don't like the question, simply dislike it and leave. Don't argue with someone for asking a question it's very childish then call them uneducated for the question they ask. Ok so what if someone asks a question about I don't know just something they don't know and you comment something calling them uneducated. What if they didn't get the education or opportunities you had? people like this exist and if you think they're dumb? no you are. arguing with someone over something they didn't have the chance to learn but you did..

That's truly "dumb"

How its relevant to the question


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  • You are right, seems a bit rude to me - People should have more respect for each other on the site.


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  • If you don't like the comment, just skip it and ignore! Don't respond!

  • Because they have nothing better to do

  • I thought that was the point of the site? I didn't realize there was a category I could select called "only questions that I agree with". It's nice to hear a difference of opinion sometimes, who knows it could open your mind or you could open theirs.

    • It's ok to disagree that's not what I'm talking about I mean
      Like if someone asks "I hate being a Mexican why?" And someone would comment "because Mexicans are dumb"
      Its childish

    • Well unfortunately lots of people are childish lol

  • That's just how SOME are


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  • Gag is about communication between people, not about polling.

  • because sometime it is just fun to argue