Who were the top/original gagers that have signed off?

I have seen older users mention these gagers from time to time. How they were the best and what not but now they have signed off. Who exactly were they and what were they like? And why did they sign off?


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  • *kheserthorpe - extremely intelligent, articulate, tactful, and what few pics i saw of him, debonair
    *palek - had an avi of a mustached dude in a pink shirt by a lake. hilarious guy, loved his wife
    *bubbiexo - really sweet and smart

    i have no idea why they signed off. probably got tired of GaG.


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  • @kheserthorpe
    @dbt1061607 or whatever, his name was weird and I never could memorize it

    I'm pretty sure there were many others, but these come to mind at first. @GirlScoutsRevenge left and that was sad, but she is back now.


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