Am I allowed to post my Go Fund Me?

Pretty much what the title says lol, am I allowed to post it here? Thanks :)


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  • The question will be hidden and then removed.
    "SPAM- If you include links or personal information for the sole purpose of advertisement or solicitation, your post will be removed. If the post is just advertisement or solicitation, it will be removed."

    But you can post links in the About Me-section :)

    • Ahh thank you!, I can be pretty blonde when it comes to navigating new sites I am on, could you pretty please point me in the direction to where I find the rules for this site? :)

    • You're welcome! And that's totally okay haha :)
      Here's the link: and then click at "What are the rules for posting on GAG? Why was my post removed?"

    • Thanks for that! I put it in my about me section eheh, going to read the rules and all the other info now! :)

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  • I think it would be considered spam - The idea to put it in "About Me" is a good idea.

  • lol, when I first saw this I was like "go fuck me"?, then I saw the n, and I was like, oh, who gives a crap, lol


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