Why does this site keep removing my questions?

I'm getting sick of it, it's as if someone is targeting me specifically


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  • Your questions are probably violating the Terms Of Service.
    I've seen you around and you make way too many suicidal or questions based on generalizations. That's probably why they get removed so often.


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  • You're posting quite hateful and suicidal questions, to be frank. Not to mention your prejudiced generalisations.

    • I forgot already. Something with a reference to Full Metal Alchemist

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    • Of course I'm a monster for posting suicidal things, yet you're all fuckin heroes for bullying a suicidal person, what a joke.

    • How is every single GaG user bullying you? and who is praising us for (apparently) bullying you?

      You're just making generalisations. From what I've seen, most of us try to help you by telling you to get help for your suicidal and hateful thoughts but you ignore us.

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  • I feel like saying something rude and mean-spirited to get a quick laugh while I wait at the barbershop; but it will likely get reported and removed.