How many responses on average does everyone get with their questions?

I've posted many decent posts and I get 1 maybe 2 if I'm lucky then I'm buried under other topics and ignored.

How many of you get a lot of replies?

How many of you post a lot with no replies?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I usually get between 30 and 100, mostly around 50.

    • That's Awesome, I'm glad someone gets their questions answered and have a good response with people. Thank you for sharing :) any pointers?

    • Obviously "problem questions" aren't gonna get that many answers.

    • You checked my profile, alas I did post many early on when I was younger. But now I more or less just want opinions and others who've had similar experiences

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  • I do not post a lot of questions but I have gone the full range from 1 to about 40 - I would say 10/12 a fair average.


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  • i've only posted two questions

    1st question got 2 responses
    2nd question got around 26 responses

    it depends on the type of question you ask, and perhaps the time of day you post the question. my second question was much less serious than the first.

  • I checked my last 20 questions & had an average of 24 responses. That's a high of 47 & a low of 6 comments.


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