How about tagsomes my gaggy friends?

Tag someone as your SO AND tag another as your sperm donor who you keep inside a small dog cage.


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  • SO = @XNicholeMariex3
    Sperm donor = @Ihav2fart aka my sensei who taught me all the ninjutsu in the world *releases #Ihav2fart upon #NicholeMariex3 so he can test out the infamous short stroke ninjutsu on her (ยฌโ€ฟยฌ) * get her!!! PS hope I played this game right..

    • this the most fucked up question I've ever had to answer on here >_<... welp the damage is done LOL

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    • @Ihav2fart Isn't she using him like I used you right now? I guess time will tell if she has ^_^

      #Asker right on since I'm on my last life >_<

    • Couldnt have chosen a better moment to use me :P

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  • I don't need a sperm donor, but SO I pick... hmmmmm... Zombie.


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