Why am I still seeing questions of blocked users if they were being features?

Dear @girlsaskguys, if I block someone, it means I NEVER WANT TO SEE ANYTHING THEY POST EVER AGAIN. So why still force us to see their stupid shit just because their question gets featured. I will never answer anyway. It just stays there for 24 hours on the live feed, along with the stupid user's profile picture, being a huge eyesore.

Please fix this? This kinda defeats half the purpose of blocking...

What do the rest of you think? Ever notice this before? It has happened twice for me.


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  • I did not know that happened but in fairness most of my blocks I forget who they are. I can only remember a couple.


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  • Hi, TheDevilInside!
    Thanks for spotting this out. This will be fixed sometime soon :)

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    • I have clicked on it, unfortunately. But should it happened again i will take a Screenshot of it.

    • Yes, please do! So we can see exactly where the question is being shown for you.

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  • I think that blocking only has a personal effect, it blocks the user from you and you only. What is public is public even if you blocked that specific user. So, I'm not surprised it happens this way.

    • Then I think it's a flaw that gag might want to consider fixing. Once blocked, means we never want to know the person exists anymore, whether they do things publicly or nor (this is the internet, everything we do here is public anyway)

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  • LOL.. well i don't block anyone.. so i don't have this problem..