Ideas/suggestions for the forums?

What changes or new ideas do you have that you think would improve the forum?

1. Photo upload button for opinions and updates. It's a pain uploading to other sites and posting the links they don't always work.

2. An edit button for all posts so after posting a topic or opinion you can edit it like if you had a spelling error or forgot to add details, or to add a photo.

3. Preview option for topic posts or opinions to double check everything, also to show how images look prior to final submission.

4. Make posting pictures from links easier, perhaps using code [img]link[/img] so the photo shows.

5. More poll options allowed, 10 max perhaps?

6. Being able to see which country a person lives, it helps answering questions to know where your from.
When searching no opinion questions or search by date, an option to search "newest" and "oldest".
How about being able to favorite a topic or my take and have them saved under "favorites" on this site?


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  • 1. Mods and admins get a sense of humor.
    2. Gender filter goes bye bye.
    3. Notification just because the asker upvoted you goes bye bye.
    4. You don't see the opinions of people you blocked.
    5. Go back to the old xper for giftcards ratio.


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  • Add a rating option to mytakes and only promote them if they have high rating based on a large number of users. This site was originally made to ask and answer questions and I'm tired of seeing what 16 year old Mikey thinks are the top 10 ways to seduce girls, on the front page.

  • No more gender filter. It's stupid.

    Make me a mod. That's the best idea I have ever made up.

    xper level = number of questions you can ask in a day.

    Get rid of reporting people just because they disagree with you. If you do that, you get punished.

    More cowbell.

  • I would favour 3 rather than 2 because if you can change what you wrote after feedback, you could change emphasis of content and totally change impression of feedback

    • It says you edited it so it would look dumb for the OP but not break any rules.

  • I think #1 is the only good one.