Can anyone around the world redeem Xper points (please see details)?

I am not sure whether the redeem feature would work in India, since I haven't seen any mailing list valid addresses. Also, how do we gauge what can be redeemed? Some kind of Xper to USD conversion that would help make better redeem requests?


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  • It works anywhere. Your gift card code is sent to your email.


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  • There are lots of indian people on site rather than give you their names, here is a contact for admin I am sure they can help you but I think the amazon works in different currencies outside USD


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  • In India, I guess featuring your question is the only way of redeeming XPer points. I'm sure the T-shirts don't ship here. And Amazon gift cards too probably won't work.

    • I'd be fine with amazon. in (not the. com) discount cards :D
      It's sad most of us can't redeem points.

    • It's not just us. No one outside US and Canada, can redeem them! :P

  • Yeah it works anywhere. They send it to your email. Unless it's like a T-shirt or something. I think they only send them to Canada and the USA. Amazon gift cards and TGI Friday's they'll send to your email. I doubt they have a TGI Friday's in India though.

    • So physical products cannot be given outside America? Only gift coupons?
      Also, is there any Xper point to USD conversion rate?

    • "So physical products cannot be given outside America?"

      America and Canada.

      Not sure about the gift cards because like you said the currency is different.

      You could ask the website here:

      Just for regarding click Help. Then type in your questions and they'll get back to you.

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