Is this okay? How much more I can get away with?

G@G sent me this message, is this something serious?

This is a warning for posting offensive/antagonistic questions, myTakes, opinions, and/or comments. Please take careful consideration into your communication with our members. We strive to keep the site useful, valuable, safe, and enjoyable for all. Failure to comply with our mission could eventually result in removal of your account.

Likewise, if you see other offensive posts, please report them. We encourage you to report the post, rather than respond to the member.

Thanks for your understanding.

More information on post removals can be found on our FAQ Page.

Please do not respond to this message. These messages are not monitored.


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  • Nah.. Everyone get them from time to time. Admin monitors your comments if you are a repeat offender they may ban you. But takes a pattern though


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  • If you have a Warning like This, G&G took the time to write @takumii so please, take heed so you can continue to be with us here, dear.
    Go more lite and sweet and everything will be fine.
    Good luck. xx

  • It's only a warning. Nothing bad will happen as long as you don't keep doing what you have been reported for.

    • But I am doing what I usually do ]:)

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    • the signature line of every moderator XD
      I know I can talk to admins, I just don't want to. I am just expressing my views based on what i have experienced.

    • Yeah well some people really think we can do something about it when we can't.

  • No, but it's likely something of yours was reported.


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