What is a G@G Expert?

I just saw Caren-Field with an Expert what is that? Is it new?


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  • "Experts" are professional dating / sex experts that work with the admins, therefore that is why they have special tags.

    But I haven't seen them around for some time. I have joined in their Twitter discussion sessions when they were had.


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  • I feel like I never see any Experts anymore...

    "G@G's Experts are professionals with a blog or a website, with experience in a certain Topic or Topics.
    We invite Experts to come to G@G and offer their opinions to the community!
    We build Expert profiles where we list their credentials and interests, and for a couple of weeks, under a certain Topic, they offer their professional opinion directly to you by commenting on your questions under that Topic and even offering advice in private messages!
    You can see their green Expert badge next to their username and see their opinions on questions right at the top! "

    • Yeah, she's probably one of the few who actually posted more than like, once. Most of the other Experts they featured didn't seem to last very long, but it looks she's still around.

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  • It's basically someone who has a relationship blog and have some level of internet fame, which somehow makes them an expert on everything relationship. It's not a new thing. It's been like it for months, but experts only come here for about a day, then disappear so it looks like a new feature when they post something.

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