Do you think you should be able to pin questions or myTakes to your main profile page?

People love building profiles, letting others snoop around and get a feel for who they are, would you like to have the option to pin certain questions or myTakes onto your profiles main page?


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  • I agree with @Watermelonoma... could be a nice idea.
    That is of course, if it wouldn't absorb too much processing capacity. But I guess not :D


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  • yeah that's not a bad idea

    • Nothing overboard, we don't want them turning into MySpace or Facebook profiles, but just a spot for one take or question. Something that can say a little about us and where we are coming from.

    • yeah i definitely like the idea. id probably use it myself

    • I would if I actually wrote any takes that weren't anon, ha!

  • That is a really good idea.


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  • This is actually a really interesting idea. How would something like that work, do you think? Just people selecting questions and myTakes to be shown on their main profile?

    • Yeah, just having the option to show something that you want people to notice. I think there are a lot of people who write some interesting takes and questions and as we have the comments displayed (the upvoted ones) we could have a take we select so people get a feel for who you are and your views. I know they are in the profile but they are sort of buried.

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    • Yeah, I see what you're saying. Thanks for your feedback :)

    • No worries :) thanks for listening!