Do anyone feel the response rate is freaking lower now?

Although I am less active recently, I asked a few questions anonymously and I feel the response rate is harshly declined.

Anyone noticed that?


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  • Even on an excellent t opinion, or a highly contentious one, I get very few up or down votes. Asker s may like my opinion, but don't bother commenting, or may comment thanks, but don't bother up voting. Many asks go by without answers, even if they get plenty of traffic (like on a survey), so I would simply say participation is low, engagement is low, we are so over-stimulated and instant-gratification centered, nothing gets our time and dedication.
    The person who engages heavily is the odd person out, the weird one, the creep or stalker or obsesser


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  • Yeah compared to the old days this place has BOMBED!

  • Guess it has to do with the way your question is worded, popularity level (not if anon) and how easy the question is to answer. Some people (me aswell) just look at questions and if they are too hard move on to next question