Are you here to get confirmation or actual answers?

I see a lot of people of both genders who seem to just want to be agreed with instead of getting truthful answers. So what are you here for, ego boosts or truth?

I'm here for truth, and if it hurts your feelings: grow up. When someone here is acting like an ass here, I'm going to call them out on it with no sugar coating. Remember, I'm being an ASSHOLE for your benefit.


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  • I used to be the "tough love" kinda guy who gun slings what i see but i've come to realize that "it's not what you say but how you say it" and also... people need different things and sometimes they aren't quite there yet for certain type of criticism.

    Yea, sometimes people just need/want validation, boost of self esteem or support. Few are ready or even able to understand the "truth."

    But i try to be more constructive depending on the person's question. Although I am harsher on the males here because i am one of them.

    • I'll use constructive criticism for a constructive question or comment, but when it's clearly a blame game, "agree with me or else", or refusing to accept responsibility for their part in the event that I bring out the asshole.

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  • Anyone who's social life consists of GAG is a lost individual.