Should misogynistic and misandric questions be removed from the site? Should we report them as "Offensive"?

Because to me, if you are openly saying bad things about a group of people you are being offensive.

The number of misogynists on gag have increased lately. I've now seen 3 male users that exclusively post disgustingly misogynistic questions and answers. You can immediately tell they're trolls and that nobody likes them. One of them even has "being blocked by 100 people" as their goal, then continues on to list the names of users who have blocked them. On his profile. What a fucking tool. Why is gag not doing anything against someone so unpleasant and toxic to everyone?



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  • No. If someone says something misogynistic, that won't nessacarily cause people to agree and become misogynists too. If you gave me a choice of working in McDonalds on minimum wage or hearing misogyny for a minimum wage, I'd take the misogyny. Getting offended over words is a non-issue. The world is a harsh place, the truth is often uncomforting, and we're not doing anyone any favours by making GAG a "safe space" as safe spaces outlaw dissent exclude others to make others more included.

    Everyone should be allowed to express an opinion. It's not opinions that define a person, it's their actions. And offensive words on a screen only offend the type of people who are so narrow minded that they cannot accept people with polarising views. For them, feelings trumps facts.

    • "For them, feelings trumps facts". Tell that to the misogynists who say that all women are cunts, and the likes. How would you feel if you as a man is being put into a drawer with every other male on ewrth, and have that drawer as well as you, labeled as "pigs"?

      I can accept when people are pro-choice, when people feel like public nudity should be legal. I can accept when people have different views and principles than me. I don't agree with them, but i respect that people have their own opinions on that matter. What i can't accept is blatant attacks on a group that I belong in. Especially when those things they say just aren't true and just stems from a every bitter heart. I can tell you on pm the names of the users who exclusively post mysogynistic posts. Don't tell me their " opinions" are valid, because they're just spouting hate. If people attack gays, it's a hate crime. Why not apply the same logic to when people attack women? Pm me

    • I can't pm you as I don't have 250 xfer points I'm new

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  • as a moderator i do remove some which are clearly inflammatory and lack any real substance aside to offend or bash. but at the same time if it is a legitimate question or subject that can foster some sort of healthy discussion or debate i don't think it should be taken down

    that said i always tell people to not who moderators are and send them (ME) a message if you think a message should be taken down

  • if they completely and totally offend women, im not saying "some girls", I mean literally all the women on the planet, and it is damn offensive, im not saying high school jokes, I mean real fucking offensive, then yeah report it.

    • Mostly they just say "women", which indicates they mean the entire gender. And then follows it with a huge rant about how such cunts women are. Or something similar. Like I said, I've spotted 3 users who never NOT post things like this. Why they made it to level 5 without being banned, is beyond me. Shows how low gag has gone.

    • yeah those should be removed, if its not then its most likely because a mod or admin hasn't come across it yet. im not sure how reporting works for the admins but im sure even if a question gets reported once an admin should receive a notification.

  • Out of all honesty, GaG gives a venue to openly talk about these sensitive gender topics.


    But these asshats you're talking about, you should report their profiles as "trolling" (if u haven't done so already).

  • Who appointed you the GAG police? If anything people like you are the trolls, this is a free country, nobody appointed you to police our speech.

    • Lol found the butthurt misogynist! Am I right?

    • Technically, openly hateful questions are removed as they violate the guidelines under the "Offensive" category.

      As per ,
      ``Offensive – If your post contains content that is blatantly insulting, degrading, distasteful, or irrelevant, it will be removed. Healthy debates are encouraged, but blatant racism, sexism, and attacks are not.``

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