Why is it some men here are dopes?

like to normal men, respect is earned. but then some guys who claim to be men in their 20s/30s tend to try and win you over. like with their job or looks (there are gay sites for that...) is it because they have underdeveloped personalities and/or penises, and need to do this on a site of strangers?


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  • I missed your point.

    • what point? sorry, but it's pretty clear you have some section in your mind of who can or cannot post what.. haha... i'm breaking that section, is there anything you can or cannot do about it?

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    • Again you're not getting me. I'm simply saying that I didn't understand your question. And now you're going on about something else entirely.

    • because this is your personality seemingly haha... you get offended if somebody "not yp to you" posts specific stuff, which is why you call me out, and I call YOU out, since i don't really give a fuck haha..