What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you see a troll in GAG?

Here on GAG as with every other board on the internet we recieve our fair share of trolls and trolling. Now we can write them off as a**holes but it seems more and more trolls are falling in a catergory where they are secretly asking for help. After facing many trolls and studying their behaviour I came up with a poll (esp applying to GAG) on what sane minded (hopefully) people think as soon as trolls see the need to throw in their two cents, be it long tirades or short snide one liners. It remians a mystery why trolls believe the board is for expressing an opinion other than what the general idea of the board promotes: i. e meaningful discussion, sharing expriences, constructive criticism.

This is not a post to troll the trolls, more like food for thought, to encourage the trolls to swallow their pride and ask for help. It may be unlikely you would fall in these catergories, but it is what the general public thinks of you

  • Virgin
    Vote A
  • Newly Rejected
    Vote B
  • Extreme Feminist/ Anti Feminst
    Vote C
  • Bored/Sociopath
    Vote D
  • Denial is not a river in Egypt
    Vote E
  • Some type of mental disorder
    Vote F
  • Somebody call the Cops and don't let this guy go to school in the morning
    Vote G
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Poll should be taken as trolls who has then intent to attack you or others and not necessarily the good folks who can't find a little humor with opinions


Most Helpful Girl

  • Some poor dumb sap just got his or her heart shattered - most likely by their secret crush whom they've made no effort in approaching and said crush probably didn't even know about this whole imaginary relationship said troll built up in their head and now, of course, because the crush couldn't read their mind, they now think that all members of that gender are terrible people and all deserve to die and rot in hell so they flee to the internet and go on a week long spree of bashing the opposite gender and calling them names and giving sexist answers until they feel better.

    I have no sympathy for them and I report their answers and questions as they relate to the reporting options. I don't have time to cater to their needs to bash people.


Most Helpful Guy

  • i think of them as entertainers and try to entertain them lol, sometimes.

    • lol true, but I don't understand why they go batshit insane when we try to entertain them in return tho

    • well they're trolling. just smile and nod lol!

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What Girls Said 4

  • I assume they're either bored and/or just trying to stir the pot. I do see a lot of funny comments from them, too, so it's not always an issue for me.

  • I think many times they are funny.. and I like the funny ones..

  • I wonder if it's the same person as last time?
    Is usually my first thought.

  • I just think they're some normal person who is not being serious. Plain and simple.


What Guys Said 4

  • Usually I'm shocked!


    Someone with a sense of humor!

  • i'm mostly just hoping that they'll be funny

  • I think "Damn someone is bored!" :-P

  • None of these for regular trolls. Rest of trolls can be classified in some of these categories. Usually I see only normal trolls.
    When I see a troll my mind orders my body to grab popcorn and have some fun.