Do you think that GaG should recquire a certain amount of oppinion posts in order to post questions?

Now I understand that there's some obvious issues with that, not the slightest of which being people putting up answers that are half assed just to post a question... but when I first came to this site, there used to be at most 10 unanswered questions in the feed, and those would disappear quickly... not to mention individual questions got much more attention...

I can't help but feel that this change to where we have pages of unanswered questions sometimes going back several days is from an influx of new members who are to preoccupied with their issues to help others...

There are pros and cons to such a system but more then anything I would ike to hear some oppinions on what we can do to improve the system.


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  • So you mean that users should share their opinions on a certain amount of questions before being able to post a question themselves?

    • Something like that, I don't pretend to be smart enough to make a proper system but I do feel that the only explanation for this huge amount of unanswered questions is that people are constantly putting questions up but not offering an equal amount of answers, you know? but I don't know, really it just seems like things changed in my hiatus and I'mnnot sure if it's been for the better, really I'm open for any discussions or hypotheticals.

    • Yes, I know what you mean. And thanks a lot for the feedback. Your input is very wise and it's great that you've opened this discussion!

    • Well thank you very much!

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  • That makes no sense. You mean if the question doesn't get a certain amount of opinion posts the question gets deleted? That's horrible bro.

    • lol no bro... I mean you have to give some answers or you can't post your dumbass question about who the hottest GaG member is

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    • lol so true, honestly it really upsets me how many popularity questions are on GaG now... like which GaGer do you love and dumb things like that lol
      I don't know... I do feel like the whole girls asking guys aspect of GaG is often neglected for a more random survey type of thing, I don't know if I'm making sense, lol

    • I understand. I agree.

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