How to be popular in here?

just curious


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  • Most honest answer I can give you:

    Be a girl, have a cute pic, consistently mention you like sex, give out good advice.

    You'd be surprised at how little you have to post to get noticed if you do all that.

    • ah, im never going to be popular then lol thnx for advice

    • So sexist ☝🏼️☝🏼 you DONT have to put yourself out like that you just have to give good advice and obviously have a picture of yourself like who wants to follow someone who doesn't have a picture? ..

    • @Princessnikki15 im going to change my pic right now lol
      i like the avatar picture though :(

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  • Based on my observations:
    1. Tell people what they want to hear.
    2. Do not use the anonymous feature.
    3. Compliment people.
    4. Set a personal picture as your avatar.
    5. Post answers and questions of sexual nature.
    6. Keep a positive attitude.

    • Thanks! That was quick!

    • haha, i wanted to surprise you lol
      and ur answer is good :D

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