Have you noticed girls on here typically are more attracted to exotic women than men?

I've notioned poll after poll. Not just one or two. No I mean out of months of being on here. I've seen many polls in which the question will be a choice of which woman is hotter/prettier/sexier/etc. and the options will be one woman who looks like a typical Caucasian woman. Not always from the western world, but typical western world style. The other woman will look vastly different. Perhaps she's very dark skinned with a rare color of eyes. She may be a light eyed Muslim woman. In any case she's different than what the women who are voting are. Vastly different in culture. And don't say "Well how do you know?" because I can clearly see your asses in your profile pictures. Some of you anyway and most people on here seem to be from the USA so even without a profile picture of yourself it still reduces the chances the voters have the same culture just based off of location alone.

So do you think the women of GAG appreiate women vastly different in culture than them more than men? Why do they usually vote for them as opposed to someone that's within their own culture like the men typically do?


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  • i noticed it


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