Why do so many people on here care if users on gag are dating each other? Why is it any of their business?

I have been constantly seeing questions about these two particular users who people think are in a relationship just because they write comments and flirt online

why is it that these 2 particular users are popular and are always the subject of a gag relationship

whether they are together or not how does this affect your life?

Some people like to play around on gag it doesn't mean they are together


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  • If we go by that logic then this while site is full of people in relationships. This is like the flirting capital of the Internet lol. I don't know for sure who you're talking about, but I have an idea. It's not that serious to me tho.


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  • Actually, I know at least 3 couple on here who are in a relationship for sure. But like you said, it's none of my business to poke my nose in their personal lives, unless they specifically ask a question about their relationship.

  • because it's weird in my opinion but like why would you make a post about it

    • Because a lot of anon users are asking about it and saying that people who do it are weird and I think it's dumb for people to assume that just because two people flirt on here that they are in a real relationship

    • mean them not u

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