Why do some girls get more offended by an offensive comment from an attractive guy, instead of an ugly one?

Aren't they both offensive?


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  • Well I can understand that logic and I'll tell you why:

    1. It's possible that the girl knows, admires the attractive guy, I mean both his looks and his personality also and so let's say she likes him and she likes talking to him and his company. Now what happens is that woman since she likes him will naturally start to develop some feelings for him and so when that attractive says something that's wasn't good to hear for that woman, she will get offended by him because she has feelings for him.

    2. However in case of an ugly guy, the woman may have never liked that guy in the first place and so there are no feelings associated with him, hence it's fine whatever the ugly guy may say, it won't offend the woman, I mean to say yes it will but not to the extent when the attractive guy does the same thing to that woman. If an ugly does that, the woman will find it easy to just ignore it or forget about it, because there are no feelings, no feelings of admiration for this ugly guy.

    3. Another possibility is, the ability to get offended depends on the person and hence is subjective, not everyone gets offended easily, not every woman will find things offensive, and moreover one thing that may offend one woman may not offend the other woman even though it may be same thing.

    I don't know but this is my logic for all this.


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