Does GaG have an option to see who views your profile? if not should GaG make this an option?

  • GaG does have this option
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  • GaG doesn't have this option but this is a good idea, GaG should make this happen
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  • GaG doesn't have this option and this is a bad idea, GaG shouldn't make this happen
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  • Like you can set your profile to private and then only your followers or mutual followers or whatever can see it if thats what you mean?

    • No, see people who is always looking at your profile. As in who is visiting it

    • oh lol no gag isn't going to do that and i dont think they should

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  • GAG doesn't have this option and it shouldn't... no more stalking in peace 😥


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, I think this option should be there.

    • so i'll be able to see who's been visiting my profile?

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    • I don't know if you understood but this is one way it's possible. I know a forum which functions this way and it's a good feature.

      However there is a drawback of this feature also so that can be a reason as to why this feature is not so much in use:

      1. Now say there are 100 people who are online, so now just because you want to know who is viewing your profile , you can't keep clicking on all those 100 member's profile and see what they are doing or what their current status is, right? it's a tedious task and not practical, I don't think anybody will have that much time, right?

      Hence there should be a feature or a button called "see who's viewed your profile" on your own profile itself so that when you click on that one, you can directly see how many members, and who has viewed your profile. This way it's much better and will be easy for the member as well. I am not sure why this feature is not implemented, maybe it's not easy to implement as it sounds? don't know.

    • I would have given you the link or a screenshot but then you are an anonymous user and I don't want to put it here.

      Anyways I hope you could understand my messages?