How can i send an IM to another member?

I want to try to contact a former AO member... who told me their ID here... so how do I send them an IM?


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  • Users must be level 2+ to send private messages to other members. You can find this information and much more in our FAQ:

    • Dear Honey Bee... I have reached level 2... but am still pretty unfamiliar with how this site works... how do I send a message to a member who gave me their ID... but so far I have not seen them post here?

    • Hey! so, if you know someone's username, you can put it into the URL address to directly access their profile. You simply type in (just insert the users name in where you see mine there) and it should take you to that users profile. Then, you should see the button to click to send them a private message :)

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  • You won't be able to directly until you are 2-Xper. What you can do is to go to anybody's profile that has a URL (say) of

    delete the name "captainmidnight" and type in the one you are looking for. That should take you to the profile page you want. You can then "Follow" them (if it's allowed) then hope they contact you.

    It won't take you long to reach 2-Xper if you go about it the right way. Maybe a few days.


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