GaG should allow surveys?

i think that GaG should allow you to have a survey where people can answer up to like 10-15 questions and percentages are given for each question. I also think it should have a "see reults" button on voting so people dont mess up the results. And voting should b given more choices.

  • Yes on surveys, I would love to make and take them
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  • yes on surveys, I am might make or answer them, I think some people would enjoy
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  • yes on surveys, I am neutral but I think the more features the better, some might use it
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  • neutral
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  • no, I won't use it
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  • no, it makes things way too complicated and is too time consumeing, abslolutely not
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  • see results
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  • Oy vey, and have this slowly turn into Quizilla? No thanks.

  • Yes, It's a great idea, we shoud have: 1. Standard questions, 2. Polls and 3. Surveys :)

  • I think thats a great idea...


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