Too Lazy Or Incapable of Looking This Up?

Is there some moderator and some admin too lazy or incapable of translating simple Dutch language? Are GAGers the same? Jeez, can't they use Google translate? Is English the only langauge in use? Is there a special GAG site for Dutch, like there is Turkish? I don't think so!!

Come on, stand up who got this pinion deleted!!
I quote:

"Your Opinion (listed below) has been removed because it contained too many grammatical errors, spelling errors, and/or muddled language. While abbreviations or intentional misspelling can be useful and fun at times, it can also become difficult for others to read if used too frequently. Please be more considerate with your future posts.
Thank you for your understanding.

Post: What you think of my pic?

Your Opinion removed: Vrij goed!! Heel mooi!! 10!!

Hope my Dutch is OK!

Reason: Grammar"
It means "Pretty good. Very pretty. 10." It took me all of 30 seconds to look it up, even though I knew it already!

There is another serious mess up on GAG!!

I my opinion has been deleted, but it is still counted as me having given an opinion in the past, so I can't add a correcting opinion!!

This is STUPID, GAG!! If it's been deleted, then let me add a correcting opinion!!

Admin, please sort this out. Get your web designers back-sides into gear!


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  • You are in the English forum, not a foreign language forum. :P

    • Come on!! Get real!! You incapable of using Google, too? If you were really interested, you could look it up. If not, just ignore my opinon. I was replying to the lady, no one else!

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    • Does this sound like dutch to you?

      ekk ja Hjejal lakie

    • Doesn't look or sound like Dutch.

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  • The issue is not that people *could have simply used google to check what it meant, the issue is that nobody *has to do it on an English forum. People are supposed to understand right away what it meant.

    • Since it was a reply to the asker, it is totally irrelevent to anyone else. If they are interested, they can Google the translation. It's high time that GAG, it's moderators and admin become less picky and officious. A much more important issue, for GAG, is to make it so I can give an updated opinion!! I'm still credited with a deleted opinion, so can't update it with an English translation!!

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    • It was good enough to give me the meaning of what you were saying.

    • @ThisDudeHere Please see my comment to your opiion on a later question.

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  • ... the moderation on this site is ridiculous, they're always deleting my comments for reasons that are absolutely stupid.