Assuming asker is not anon, is it time to answer serious question by PM and not publicly?


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  • As I said, the point is for others to see the answers as well. That's what GAG is a FORUM, and not a messaging site.

    • For various reasons that are extremely personal to me and my family, I have already given several answers by PM. It concerns things I DO NOT want made public knowledge. One in particular was quite recently and concerned a serious health issue for which I have personal experience! I DO NOT want it made public! Understand me? It was highly relevant to the asker, no one else!!

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    • I don't see anything wrong with it. If the question was like "hey anyone who's an AO player, add me" then it would have been marked as spam.

    • I know!! That's why I was so disappointed with GAG when my question was deleted.

      So, my opinion in Dutch may not have been understood be many, but GAG has exacerbated the situation by deleting it completely. No one can understand it now. self defeating, in a way.

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  • if he/she didn't want public answers... then he/she wouldn't post his/her question in public right?

    unless if he/she mentiones at da end of his/her post..."plz answers via PM only"...

    • I did not want MY answers to be public!! I do not want my reply to give out personal details of my health experiences! Understand? It's NOT just the asker!!

    • then PM him/her... it's yer choice...

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