How come you can't see people that followed your take on social media anymore?

The other day, I noticed one of my currents takes had 20 plus facebook followers. Now I am no longer able to see if any one is following my take. Did gag make another change? :\


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  • The following and social sharing buttons are still located in the same spot. So, what exactly do you mean you can't see if anyone if following your take? Does the number say "0" or do you just not see the social sharing buttons anywhere on the page?

    • It doesn't show any number at all. It's just blank.

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    • Wow.
      Bummer on that one:( I actually liked seeing that. It showed that even though a lot of people didn't comment, users liked what I wrote.

    • Don't know why that was changed. But ahh what can I do.

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  • Yeah, same thing happened to me - I though it was just me