Is it possible to find out which users have blocked me on GAG?

I'm not aware of any user blocking me, but I'm curious to know. Also I've seen some profiles have written blocked users in their profile description, so I think there must be a way...


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  • When you try to message them, and a pop up says "this user has blocked you or you have blocked this user"

    I don't think you can also post in their questions/takes. Not sure if you can see them, but I think that is allowed, since you don't even need an account for that.

  • You must have seen my profile then. The people I've written are the one's I'm aware of only but I have no idea/forgot about the others and I don't think there is a way to know. Unless you want to ask the site staff but I highly doubt they'd help you with that since they'd just assume you're some stalker who want's to get back at someone who blocked you.

    • How are you aware of the ones who blocked you?
      I'm not eager to find out who blocked me to the point where I'll nag the admins :P Just curious

    • As has been said, you can't upvote or downvote them, you can't post on their opinions and questions and you can't message them.

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