What's the actual dumbest thing you've ever read on GAG?

Name names, or don't, its your choice.


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  • There have been many. But the latest one that made me laugh was that you no longer have sex once you are out of school (high school or college).


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  • Would you die a vargin or take it from the exit door every time

    • Oh c'mon I'm sure youve seen worse. This place goes full stupid

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    • What you consider her question stupid... and the question is do nerdy girls owe me sex

    • There is more than sexual meaning to the word virginity when a person has their first lip kiss they are losing their innocents their ignorance their purity

  • A serious post claiming that blonds are superior to brunettes and guys who are with a brunette are insecure. Then the person went on to be very rude to the shocked commenters. Wow.


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  • A rant about a cashier checking a 20 dollar bill to see if it was counterfeit. He took it as a blow to his character. It went on and on and on. He just couldn't understand why she checked.

    The guy who would ask a rate question everyday and attack anyone who said he was average or below. Then attack any one that said he was cute. Calling them a liar.

    The guy who offered a subway Manger money to let him work for free so he could get close to an underage teen mom that he couldn't even speak to because of fear.

  • One troll asked if he ate enough sour apples if his weeny would fall off. That wasn't you was it?

  • The post I just read that asks: "Should we make slavery legal again?"

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