Have you ever answered a question on here, and then regretted it because the QA is too stupid?

Honest to god, some of the people on here


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  • Not necessarily. I don't have that view when it comes to answering questions here. First of all, I try not to automatically label someone as 'stupid' because that's really arrogant, rude, and condescending. I'm humbly aware that I don't actually know who I'm speaking to, what their intentions are, what mood they are in, if the post gets them emotional for whatever reason, or what. I'm also aware that miscommunications happen so easily communicating this way. So I consider multiple factors before just egotistically assuming that they're some stupid person and I'm so much smarter than them which is why ____ occurred.

    Secondly, it's really not that deep. It's not a big deal if me and a QA don't become best friends lol

    • lol, I'm not on here to give the "answer they're looking for", I'm going to be straight with them. If that means not being friends with them, fuck it. But it's like, really? I came here to answer a question, I did, so, back off

    • I have no clue what exactly you're talking about? Rant?

    • Oh, just agreeing with you, haha

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  • Yes, it's pretty common that the QA had a specific answer they wanted to hear and will post an angry comment if your answer didn't agree.

  • Yes haha xD


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