What's a good short myTake topic to write about?

I want to write a short myTake so I can keep my Editor status since I don't have time to write a full myTake on Russia or some other big topics I have in mind right now.

I wrote one about Back to the Future but keep the ideas coming.
Here it is


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  • How often do you have to write takes to keep the status?

    How about Justin Trudeau 0 new PM 8)

    • 2 per month

    • oh that's not too bad :P

    • I'm so sad I wanted Trudeau to lose.
      I voted NDP. I was leaning Conservative until the last minute but decided that the NDP economic plan was the best of all 3 parties even if they were the weakest foreign policy wise.

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  • Maybe you should write about natural/historical wonders of Russia, possibly about Russian colonisation of Alaska in the 18th-19th century, or about Great Lakes in Canada, or perhaps about wildlife in Siberia, or Australia etc


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  • A little paragraph about being an Atheist or something about music. I was thinking of writing one about "Beauty is Important in Society" but this one is going to be a long one...

  • What about the something food related. What is a did you have had multiple ways. Which would you say was the best preparation? etc etc


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