Problems with adverts?

I don't know if its supposed to work like this or if anyone else has had the same problem but when I'm on GaG quite often the page will just go to an advert, not one that was on the page but one of those You Won Today's Prize! Click Here To Claim! but I can't ever get off the ad, it takes me to a new website and it won't let me go back. It looks like one of those adverts that infects your browser.

Is this what it's supposed to do @girlsaakguys? It isn't like I'm clicking ads, its just happening randomly and has seriously made me stop coming on the site so often because I spend five minutes each time fighting with my browser.

Only seems to happen on my mobile, not on desktop.

This is one of the many sites my browser skips to when an advert attacks
@girlsaskguys is this what is supposed to happen? Having to close browsers and log back in?


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  • I'd send a note to the admins and tell them how difficult it makes it to use the website and makes you not want to come back.

    • Yeah, it's way more than just the ad's on the page. It takes me off to a dodgy website with a dodgy Prize Draw... you know the ones, impossible to get back without shutting the whole page.

      I'll ping them something over, thanks :)

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    • Yeah, it just makes it impossible to use the site without ten minutes of screaming at your phone... oh... hang in, I do that when I do use the site... ha!

    • LMFAO! That def still happens after lv 7 X,, D

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  • Hi GirlScout, that doesn't look like an ad that is being served on GirlsAskGuys. However, we will look into this. Infact, we are in the process of increasing the ads performance on site. For that reason we have disabled ads on GirlsAskGuys for couple of days to do some analysis. So, during this period you shouldn't be seeing any ads.
    If you still encounter this type of a redirect, I advise you to clean cache on your browser. Your browser/phone might be infected with a third party plugin/malware.
    In any case, if you see this advert again try to get a screen shot and send it to us.
    Thanks for the feedback.

    • I didn't think it was your usual advert style but it is so strange it only happens on this site.

      Thanks for getting back to me and I will search my browser for nasty bugs!

    • We were able to identify this issue thanks to the link you provided in question update.
      We are blocking that vendor. However, if you see this happening again please send me information.
      A screenshot and/or the link you are sent (like the one you provided) would be very helpful.
      Thanks again for helping us identify this issue.

    • Oh great stuff, glad I could help :)

  • i love the adverts. one of the best uk punk bands from the late 70's.

  • Try login from your idevice. You can't do nothing till the ad loads then your screen will scroll down to those dating and sex tips ads. And the moment you scroll up you be repeating it til real ad loads. Then you login.

    • No no, this isn't like that. This will load randomly, I'll have loaded the question and nothing else is going on but then it will take me to another page totally, not girlsaskguys and I can't get back without accepting my free iPad or similar.

    • Wow? That freakn weird. So we all got a story to tell. Grab some marshmallows on a stick and guitar sing 20 ways Gag pester people with adds. Cause another gager told me about this too.

  • What type of device are you using, iPhone or Android? It is odd if an Android browser cannot navigate back even if you mash the back button - silly redirects.

    • Android. It's just like the pop up ads on porn sites, the Prize Draw ones. Infecting my phone with their shit!

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    • Eeeep note3 is REALLY finicky when it comes to modding, make sure you HAVE the RIGHT version for THAT particular ROM! There are like 8 types of Note3 and if you load the wrong ROM, you end up with a brick!

    • I think you searched for my model before and I was lucky it was one of the easier ones. I'll be doing a lot of homework before I do it though - don't worry!

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  • Homg mine is the exact same! And it's so difficult to login sometimes 😩

    • I give up a lot of the time, I just can't get back to GaG page.

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