Do you ever see a question on here and ask yourself why would they waste space like that with such stupid question?


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  • Yes, the majority of the "how do I look" "what would you rate her" "I cheated will they forgive me, did I do something wrong?" Or continuous questions regarding sex; preferences in positions or what "turns you on" "would you sleep with them", surpass the level of what trash is. One can't help but take them as a joke and give a joke answer. Now some of the serious relationship, employment, and education questions are quite refreshing.


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  • All the time. I guess some people don't have common sense. He flirts with me, kisses me, and hugs me. He took me to prom and then told me i love you. But he doesn't look me in the eyes. Does he like me?

    • indeed, today's pearl:
      Could I be pregnant?
      "In the last 3 weeks my boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex 4 times, he'd wear one once he was starting to get close though."

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  • Almost every day. I see questions like "Would you rather carry a dead rat in your pocket for three weeks or snort lemon jello into your lungs?"

  • Very often it's a hate message disguised as a question. I did already see two misogynist questions since I logged in today.


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  • Alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. Like the "what does i mean if he stares in my general vicinity for 3 seconds?" or "what did he mean by 'the sky is blue'" WHY DO PEOPLE WASTE TIME LIKE THAT?

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