Why do guys like to use sexual names here at g@g?

Im just curious; some of the ones I've seen are such:

(Names slighlty altered to protect IDs)

Ps I know girls do it too


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  • Advertisement. Ties in with the "shotgun approach" of online dating.

    Say you're a guy. You're interested in sex. You know that most women are not interested. So you copy and paste something funny and flirty to get a sexual woman's attention. And you send it to every single option you can.

    Every. Single. One. You don't care about responses or opinions, you only want "Yes"s. And you repeat this, until you eventually find a girl who's interested.

    You could be a nice guy, sift through 1000 women, 10 minutes each, to find 100 that are worthwhile.

    Or you could be an asshole, sift through the same 1000 women, at 2 seconds apiece, to find 2 that are worthwhile. Those two are the only ones that care about what you have to offer, so there's no point in accurately checking all 1000.

    Same exact thing. They have names like that because the women who they're interested in will respond because of it. Sure, it's tasteless, but there's no faster way than finding what you want out of millions of people.


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  • No idea.. maybe they were horny when they were deciding the username.. 😁😁

    • More like they were thinken about baby Cinderella at the time c;

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    • No.. i gotta keep mirin' at it every chance i get cuz thats sumthing unique and a masterpiece of ma mind 😍😍😍😍

    • Makes u look like the Pwincess of ma dreamz 😌

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  • I don't know. Haven't paid attention to this one.

  • a lot of guys would use sexual names irl, if they could...


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