Have you ever gone through some of your old myTakes out of boredom and laughed because of some of the ridiculous comments that were made by people?

Yeah... I was bored. xD

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  • I haven't made a myTake. (Make one. ;C)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol yeah 😂
    But the oldest of mine was only two months ago and I have less than 15 takes, so it isn't hard for me to do it. 😁

    • I have only 4-5 myTakes and they were all promoted, but 3 of them have some of the craziest comments you'd ever come across. xD

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    • Feel free to do so.

    • Thank you 😊

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What Guys Said 4

  • Never made a MyTake. I'm too lazy to make one, don't know what to talk about and my opinion is certainly different from the general opinion of GAGers when it comes to sex topics.

    • o: Have you ever tried making one about something you're passionate about?

    • I'm passionate about gaming and pokemon, but I don't see the point of posting about these on GAG.

    • There's always great games to recommend to people. Hell, I've shared a pancake recipe, and have had no complaints. If I can do that, then you can do one about games.

  • haven't made a myTake yet... was thinking about it but what I wanted to do was too much work lol. maybe another time ;)

  • Like every comment.
    I don't write myTakes anymore...

  • I still haven't written a MyTake! :-D


What Girls Said 1

  • lol i always have a few losers on my takes. i find their lack of comprehension funny.

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